GP360 European Union Project

Introduction: EU for Americans

Where the EU is going

As an entity whose structure and purpose is
constantly in debate and in flux, nobody knows where the EU is going,
though many think they know where they want it to go. The relationship
with the United States is a key issue, particularly for the Green
Institute's audience.

With the challenge of incorporating ten new
countries, whose diversity of culture and language dwarfs past
enlargements, and the effort to approve and adopt a new constitution,
the EU has many challenges in front of it. The general history of the
EU is that it rarely totally fails and rarely hits a home run. It tends
to muddle along and grow its successes slowly but surely.

The big questions are whether it will develop a
strongly military, a more streamlined and cohesive foreign policy
apparatus and position, and how far east it will enlarge. Whether to
let Turkey join is a huge question. The U.S. sees EU membership for
Turkey as key to building a relationship with a modernizing Islamic
country, but with anti-immigration politics strong in many European
countries, it will not be easy. The EU is supposed to decide at a
meeting this December whether to open so-called accession negotiations
with Turkey, which would take five to ten years anyway.

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