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AIPAC and America’s Jews, blackmailing your friends

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In Pelosi stand on the war in Iraq bothers Israel lobby,
the SF Chronicle reported the speaker received a “cool response,”
including scattered boos, from AIPAC yesterday, “after she
characterized as a failure a war many of them support.”


Could AIPAC, which enjoys a kind of protective mantle because of its public
Jewish identity (its supporter base includes many non-Jews), possibly
be more out of touch with American Jews? At 77% opposed
, our people say no to the war in Iraq
in percentages greater than any other major religious group in America.

The fact is that
doesn’t just ignore what American Jews want,
they think of us as an impediment.


I’ve personally encountered what I can only call blackmail -
the lengths to which AIPAC will go to make sure groups like Jewish Voice for Peace
can’t be heard. They actually once threatened to get the funding yanked
from a respected Jewish organization program (which by and large could
be considered a friend of AIPAC) if they dared allow me or anyone from
Jewish Voice for Peace through the door. (I was to talk about the
numerous Israeli peace groups like Rabbis for Human Rights and Machsom
Watch that work for peace, justice and reconciliation.) And it worked.


No one was more disgusted by the whole affair than the organizer who
invited both me and AIPAC to speak. But the threat of destroying an entire
program, and one person’s livelihood, proved too potent.


But it gets worse.


As if it weren’t enough to frequently use the charge (and its
well known variants like self-hating Jew, beyond the pale, anti-American,
anti-Israel,pro-Palestinian terrorist, blah blah blah) to shut-up
honest and important discourse…


The AIPAC-Hagee embarrassment is just one more example of how willing
the pro-Israel lobby is to completely overlook real anti-Semites who stare
them in the face–when it meets their needs to support the Israeli
right’s hawkish, take-no -prisoners approach to “peacemaking”.


It’s hard to understand how any of this serves Jews–or anyone for that matter.

Check out Max Blumenthal over at HuffPo who has even more on
AIPAC’s favorite “
anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionist,”
Sarah Posner’s
The Goy Who cried Wolf
at The American Prospect, and Richard Silverstein’s AIPAC’s

Pact with the Christian Zionist Devil
at Tikun Olam.




Tue 13 Mar 2007

See Pastor John Hagee work his magic at AIPAC

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As Hagee says, here’s a real match made in heaven.


Christian Zionist Pastor
John Hagee, who is counting on Armageddon
(including the incineration or conversion of all Jews)
to bring back his Messiah, got multiple standing ovations
for saying this to a room full of AIPAC supporters on Sunday:


In the words of Winston Churchill to Adolph Hitler, “we demand
absolute surrender!” He would settle for nothing less than total victory!
Let us learn that lesson from America’s greatest generation. America
should never send her troops into battle without the clear objective of
total victory. Today the Church of Jesus Christ is in a culture war for
the soul of this nation. It is a war of light vs. darkness, of Christ
vs. antichrist, the Word of God vs. secular humanism. There will be a
winner and a loser! To the winner go our children and our
grandchildren. There is no compromise with the enemy. There is no
neutrality in this war!…


OOPS! No, that’s from his Five Principles to Victory.




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