Letter from the former Editor of the Green Institute online magazine - GP360
Steven Schmidt, Clearwater, Florida

I first became involved in setting up the website of the Institute with Dean Myerson. With Dean, I set up Green Policy-GP360 and GreenPolicy.us as an extension of the Institute into serious, ‘think tank’ research, writing and multi-channel outreach. Our efforts produced a number of papers, conferences, research studies and online tools.

Our work, ultimately, added another level of diversity to the green movement and network. The GreenPolicy site, a Wikimedia project, will continue independently, restructured, as a source of green ‘best practices’ in the form of model green-related legislation, proposals, resolutions, ordinances and online forms/templates, government sources, methods and apps that can be used to become effective at the local, community and public level.

Green Institute Publications

Cracks in the Ice

by Tom Baugh
April 15, 2008
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies

In this article I briefly review the developing interest of religion, theology in environmental crisis. I propose that the response has not been timely or significant enough to help stop the slide of civilization into chaos.

Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (review)

by Tom Baugh
February 12, 2008
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies

The world never seems to lack for authoritarian and totalitarian movements. Whatever the symbol on the flag, buried somewhere deep or right up front in these movements, will be the institutions and representatives of organized religion. At the root of every demonization, ethnic cleansing, pogrom, or holocaust stands the structure and leadership of one religion or another

Greens Under the Sacred Canopy

by Tom Baugh
December 1, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies

Sociologist Peter Berger contends that religion is a socially constructed reality, a ‘sacred canopy’ of symbols, objects, and meanings that we come to accept as objective reality. . . Where might the Greens be in all of this?

Eschatology and Extinction
by Tom Baugh
September 13, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies
In this paper I discuss Christian eschatology in relation to extinction and the conservation and preservation of biodiversity. I
look briefly at the roots and structure of Dispensational Christian theology and a subset of that theology known as Christian
Reconstructionism or Dominionism

Thinking About Tomorrow

by Tom Baugh
August 22, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies
Ecological wisdom may well have arrived too late. The transformational politics [1] of the Green movement, and the best interests and actions of many may not be able to change society quickly and fully enough.

Ecocaust and Ecological Wisdom

by Tom Baugh
August 3, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies
In this paper I review threats to ecological systems and democratic systems and explore ecological wisdom as a unifying concept.

Colonialism is the Lens and Hip-Hop is the Mirror

by Jared Ball
August 1, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Corporate Control of Hip Hop
It continues that colonialism, without conscious and organized interruption, reproduces itself even as it goes often unnamed or perhaps misunderstood. Whether referred to euphemistically (consciously or not) as “inequality,” “racism,” “misogyny” or, in terms of image and media, as “poor/inaccurate representation,” “entertainment,” and “news,” colonialism is what Fanon wrote it to be.

Green Influences on the 'Greening' of Religion in the West

by Tom Baugh
May 22, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies
This note discusses several aspects of the roles played by ‘Green’ sociopolitical movements in the dialogue leading to the ‘greening’ of mainline religions in the West. Those influences were directly and indirectly instrumental in encouraging reevaluations of existing theological models and religious praxis in response to environmental crisis

Straight Ticket Voting

by Jeff Toste
May 18, 2007
Green Institute Publications
Straight-ticket or straight-party voting allows voters to make one pull, punch, or mark in order to vote for all candidates of a single political party. Straight-ticket voting originated to simplify the voting process and improve voter turnout. Unfortunately, the result of straight-ticket voting is an unfair advantage for major political parties.

Hip-Hop and the Corporate Function of Colonization

by Jared Ball
May 10, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Corporate Control of Hip Hop
Having elsewhere looked at the function of mass media as primary mechanisms of the maintenance of colony, recent events have again emerged requiring further investigation into the function of corporate control over the cultural expression of colonized populations.

The Greening of Religion and Theology in the West

by Tom Baugh
May 9, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Interdisciplinary Studies
Over the past several decades we have experienced a growing ecological awareness, nationally and internationally, on a number of cultural levels, in many different sectors of our society and in a number of other societies and cultures. All of this, and much more, converged to inform and energize the mainline Christian denominations in the West and, increasingly religions world wide, at least those that were not already energized.

Hip-Hop, Mass Media and 21st Century Colonization

by Jared Ball
March 20, 2007
Green Institute Publications - Corporate Control of Hip Hop
The fraudulence of mass media hip-hop.

Bagram Ghosts

by Roger Morris
March 1, 2007
Green Institute Publications - The Writings of Roger Morris
The bombing attempt on Vice President Dick Cheney's life reminds us that Bagram has a long history in Afghanistan, one that US war-makers should not ignore

Political Peril in Pennsylvania - Ballot Access Penalties Create Chilling Effect

by Mark Brown
February 17, 2007
Green Institute Publications
New rules which require candidates to pay for successful challenges to their ballot access petitions violate the law, the constitution and create a chilling effect on political participation

The Undertaker's Tally

by Roger Morris
January 22, 2007
Green Institute Publications - The Writings of Roger Morris
As he leaves the Pentagon and American foreign policy in unprecedented ruin, it is the reckoning on a long, portentous history
that went typically unheeded.

The Once and Future Daniel Ortega - A Green Analysis of the Election in Nicaragua

by Steve Herrick
December 2, 2006
Green Institute Publications
Daniel Ortega is not the firebrand leftist of the 1980's Sandinista Revolution anymore.

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century: A New Global Vision for a New World

by Roger Morris & Steven Schmidt
June 03, 2005
Green Institute Publications - The Writings of Roger Morris
Of America's Dunkirk, Napoleon's Winter, and FDR's Third Freedom.

Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt evoke history, envision political alternatives and offer a provocative reappraisal of national security policy in a swiftly changing world.

How to Counter-balance the Global Trade Agenda with "Green Protectionism"

Green Institute Publications
by Steve Emmott
November, 2004
With this paper, the Green Institute inaugurates its program to publish papers by European experts with a Green-oriented perspective on issues relating to the transatlantic relationship and the European Union. With Greens playing a growing and important role in policy in the EU and European countries, and with the recent formation of the European Green Party, a Green perspective is playing an increasingly important role in international affairs and decision-making. The German Foreign Minister is a Green and in the UK, France, Italy and Spain as well as in the thirty three Green parties in thirty European countries,
Green positions are being advanced and considered in policy debates. The US-based Green Institute, with ongoing European and other
international political and non-governmental relationships and associations, will provide ongoing commentary and analysis of
developments and changes in US-Europe political relations.

Green Political Decelopment in Slovakia - A Case Study

Andrea Zahumenska
November 2004
The first Slovak election held for the EU Parliament are now a past event, but their results in the form of work performed by our representatives in the EU Parliament are presented every day. The Greens do not have Slovak representative in this EU institution, but perhaps these first elections were the starting point for the Green
career in the next election term in 2009 – 2014.

Arcata, Calif Resolution Regarding the Patriot Act
Dave Meserve
November 2004
Ann Arbor was the first city to pass a resolution opposing unconstitutional portions of the Patriot Act, on January 7, 2002. As
awareness of its impact on civil liberties spread, other cities joined in, and on January 15, 2003, my home city, Arcata, Calif. became the twenty-seventh city in the country to pass a resolution opposing the Patriot Act.

Globalization and the European Union

Dean Myerson, Director, Green Institute
October 2004
Many progressives in the United States are not familiar with the European Union (EU). Many on the left in Europe have opposed having their own countries join it. It has the smell of globalization and a huge centralized bureaucracy, and citizen participation is virtually impossible. It has terrible positions in trade talks with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and is developing a military capability.

The Challenges and Contradictions of the Transatlantic Relationship

Dean Myerson, Director, Green Institute
September 2004
If Americans want Europe to pull its own weight, they must resign themselves to substantive consultation with the EU.

A Selection of Events that the Green Institute has participated in

The Green Institute at the US Social Forum


The Green Institute participated in the US Social Forum in Atlanta from June 27 to July 1, 2007 in by hosting panel discussions and co-sponsoring the Democracy Tent along with over 20 other organizations.

Surviving Victory - A New Definition of Security  

A discussion of US policy in Iraq and the Middle East. What those policies are, how they developed and how a new definition of national security can enhance US, Mideast and global security. At the Washington Club in Dupont Circle, Washington, DC.

See the full report.

Read A New Vision for the 21st Century by Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt.

A Call to Democratize and Protect US Elections  

The American public is losing confidence in the integrity and democratic character of its elections. Among the reasons for this lost confidence is the strong evidence of systematic abuses of voting rights during the last two presidential elections, most notably in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. At the Press Club in Washington, DC featuring Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.

See the full report.

Corporate Power, Elections and Political Democracy: Do We Need a Wall of Separation?  

Co-sponsored by the Green Institute and Professor Jamin Raskin who directs the Law and Government Program at the Washington College of Law in Washington, DC, this panel discussion looked at issues of the corporate influence on elections in the United States.

See the full report.

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