Dean Myerson's Europe Trip Report


We had
a great introductory trip to Europe in November. We agreed to work with
the Green Forum in Sweden, met with staff of the European Union
Commission, met with a variety of Green officials and officeholders, as
well as a number of representatives of think tanks in Europe.

Five cities in two weeks was fairly exhausting. I picked up printed
material to bring back with me as I went, so my luggage got heavier and
heavier as the trip progressed. And I’m one of these people for which
traveling light is a religion! It got so bad that the wheels on my
biggest piece started giving out in Paris. Those train stations without
escalators were just too much for the wheels. One gave out there,
another in Stockholm. Lucky thing I started with three!

Experiences included the meeting hall in Stockholm where the Nobel
prizes are given out, the European Social Forum opening in Paris, my
first Turkish-style pizza in Berlin (definitely not available at Pizza
Hut) and a big reunion party of European Greens in Luxembourg (complete
with American-style R&B played on accordion) celebrating their
twentieth year.

I come home with a full plate for December for the next phase of
growth for the Green Institute. We got a good start, and now need to
build on it.

Dean M.