Green Institute Announces New Website and e-Zine


Media Advisory
October 1, 2004

eGP360 Launch

Today, the Green Institute announces the launch of its new online magazine, eGP360.

"We are pleased to add a new perspective and dimension to critically
important debates the nation is going through in foreign policy," said
Dean Myerson, Director of the Institute. "This country needs
alternatives to neoconservative and neoliberal thought. We offer a
serious, credible challenge to the orthodoxies of the day."

The GlobalPolicy project of the Green Institute and eGP360 e-zine
deliver a roundtable of ideas intended to stimulate discussion, debate
and informed democratic decision-making.

"The Green Institute has made great progress in its first year of
operation," Mr. Myerson adds. "The Institute is a forum for ideas and
the World Wide Web provides a powerful communication channel to extend
ideas among people and networks worldwide." 

The first Green 'think tank' in the United States whose scope of
work is based on Green values, the Green Institute addresses domestic
and foreign policy and offers a range of practical, real world

Recently, with an excerpt from Steven Schmidt's book, American
Twilight, the Green Institute inaugurated its online publishing
division, Green Institute Publications Current
Institute publications also deal with the European Union and US/Europe
transatlantic relationship which has been undermined by diplomatic
conflict over the Iraq War and other issues.

In the coming months, eGP360 and Green Institute Publications will
continue to present a wide spectrum of views and news including OpEd
pieces, Investigative Reports, Book reviews/excerpts and Special

We welcome reader comments and suggestions.

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