Elaine Brown Speaks


Title: Elaine Brown Speaks
By Dean Myerson, Executive Director of the Green Institute
Date: May 09, 2005

On Saturday, April 23, the Green Institute sponsored a speaking
engagement by Elaine Brown, former Chair of the Black Panther Party,
and a candidate for mayor of Brunswick, Georgia. The event was in the
Digital Auditorium, Blackburn Center at Howard University in
Washington, DC. Brown also is the author of "A Taste of Power: A Black
Woman's Story" and "The Condemnation of Little B."

Ms. Brown spoke of her historical political activity and how it led
her to this race for mayor. Brunswick is a small and poor town, 60%
black. But it is also the gateway to the Port of Brunswick, which has
many billions of dollars of economic activity each year. Port
supporters are advocating for a "Plan Brunswick" which would result in
pushing most of the city's poorer residents out by authorizing the
right of eminent domain for the redevelopment. So while Brunswick
itself is not a wealthy place, the campaign has much to do about big
money. Brown feels that some of the port profits should go to bettering
the lives of the residents of Brunswick, not evicting them. In response
to a question from the audience about her running as an independent for
the mayor's seat, she said that she was planning to affiliate with the
Green Party and campaign as a Green.

Though there was less than two weeks to promote the event, the
Digital Auditorium was almost full, with attendance at about 140 people.

Elaine Brown / Photo: Dean Myerson