"Surviving Victory" Green Institute Policy Forum


swift military triumphs announced in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United
States finds itself ensnared in what many believe are no-win situations
in both countries, while a similar frustration of conventional power
confronts Israel in Lebanon and the Middle East from Gaza to Tehran
writhes in crisis. Surviving Victory, a Green Institute sponsored
conference, features authorities and thinkers across a broad range of
security views examining how we got here and how we might emerge with
our national interests and security not only intact but enhanced. --
Dean Myerson, Executive Director / Green Institute

vast majority of the media and our politicians have refused even to
discuss the remedy to our fear of attack that is the cheapest, most
effective, the least deadly, and least likely to ruin our constitution,
democracy and national sanity - namely a positive change in our foreign
policy. In fact, it is only remedy that is likely to work. The course
currently supported by our politicians and media is not only
ineffective, it encourages the very terror it professes to oppose by
enlarging and intensifying the constituency of those who despise our
country. -- Sam Smith, Washington DC / Panel Moderator


Analysis: Mideast Woes Alarm US Experts / UPI

Surviving Victory: A New Definition of National Security

Sponsored by the Green Institute www.greeninstitute.net / www.gp360.net

and Böll Foundation www.boell.org/home.asp

discussion of US policy in Iraq and the Middle East and the nature of
national security as it applies to Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Israel. What
those policies are, how they developed and how a new definition of
national security can enhance US, Mideast and global security.

Washington Club, 15 Dupont Circle, Washington DC  /  September 20th, 2006