Green Institute unveils Policy Database




Green Policy, Resolutions, and Ordinances

A database of best practices and proposed policy

During the summer of 2006,
the Green Institute contracted to develop a user-friendly database of
the highest caliber with the most contemporary "wiki" technology to
catalog Green policies, including policy that has already been enacted
and that which is proposed. Because we believe that some of the best
innovation occurs at the local level, our database is devoted to policy
at the local level.  We will scour the country looking for examples of
policy for the next seven generations. Where we can't find it, we will
hire experts to write it.

The software development
contract includes plans for an advanced  "spider robot," sometimes just
referred to as a "bot" which will crawl around the world wide web to
find good policy content for the database.

Included in the database
will be an occasional policy focus - a particular piece of innovative
policy that will be accompanied by expert commentary - why it's good,
what it's missing.

first phase of the software development has been completed, and now you
can look at the database youself and search for local policy at

So far, we have entered a few dozen policies of particularly interest. These include policies dealing with:

Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)
Anti-war and troop withdrawal resolutions
local sustainability policies
and more

Many more policies will be
loading over time. Eventually anybody will be able to upload local
policy to the database, but at this point, this has not been
programmed. But please do contact us if
you have any policies that you think would be good for GreenPRO. We
expect that software development will be completed early in 2007. In
the mean time, please do spread the word - GreenPRO will be one of the
most advanced and yet easy-to-use policy database on the web.