Initiative in Interdisciplinary Studies

July 23, 2007


The Director and Board of Directors of the Green Institute (
have announced the formation of an Initiative in Interdisciplinary
Studies.  The Initiative will broadly treat with issues of religion,
ecology, nature and related subjects from the perspective of Green
philosophy. Green philosophy is an integrated and coherent world view
that transcends a narrow sense of politics to encompass community,
society, and culture.

At their July 23rd, 2007
meeting, the Board also established a Fellowship in Interdisciplinary
Studies and awarded the Fellowship to the Institute�s current Science
Fellow Tom Baugh.  In addition to 30 years experience in science
information, natural resource management, and conservation biology with
two federal agencies and one university, Baugh is also a
multidisciplinary professional with graduate education and degrees in
biology/ecology and religion/theology and an interdisciplinary approach
to the field of ecological theology.  He is a member of the American
Institute of Biological Sciences, the Society for Conservation Biology,
the American Academy of Religion, the Forum on Religion and Ecology and
the Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture. In
addition, Baugh is a member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Green Institute, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, is a
forward-looking center for research and policy development based on the
global values of the Green movement including ecological wisdom,
grassroots democracy, social justice, and respect for the spiritual
dimensions of life.  The Green Institute's core mission is to create
and offer pragmatic solutions to critical problems by advancing Green
values and the development of policies that demonstrate how these
values can be applied to real world issues of governance.  The Green
Institute is the only national Green policy institute in the United
States whose mission statement and scope of work is explicitly based on
Green values.

Preliminary publications already in the Initiative include the following:

The Greening of Religion and Theology in the West (

Green Influences on the Greening of Religion in the West (

A Reflection on E.O. Wilson�s �The Creation� (

�Greens Under the Sacred Canopy� is currently in press for publication in the summer issue (7(16)) of Green Horizon Quarterly (

For additional information contact the office of the Institute Director as follows:

Director, Green Institute

P.O. Box 574

Bingen, WA 98605

(301) 651-5168