CBS interviews Ahmadinejad


Ahmadinejad: Iran Not Walking Toward War

CBS - 60 Minutes


TEHRAN, Sept. 23, 2007(CBS) The president of Iran,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, knows how to infuriate the Western world and he
did it again last week when he asked to visit ground zero. Ahmadinejad
plans to be in New York
this week for the U.N. General Assembly meeting. The man who questions
the truth behind the Holocaust is expected to demand, once again, the
elimination of Israel.


60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley spoke with Ahmadinejad on Thursday in the garden outside his office in Tehran. Pelley spoke to the president about America's angry reaction to his plan to visit the World Trade Center site. The president told 60 Minutes, in light of the objections, he wouldn't press for it.





"Sir, what were you thinking?" Pelley asked. "The World Trade Center
site is the most sensitive place in the American heart, and you must
have known that visiting there would be insulting to many, many


"Why should it be insulting," Ahmadinajad said.


"Well, sir, you're the head of the government of an Islamist state that the United States government says is a major exporter of terrorism around the world," Pelley replied.


obviously are very much against any terrorist action and any killing.
And also we are very much against any plots to sow the seeds of discord
among nations," Ahmadinejad said. "Usually you go to these sites to pay
your respects. And also to perhaps to air your views about the root
causes of such incidents."





Ahmadinejad told Pelley the U.S. and Iran
could be friends, but 60 Minutes wanted to know about the growing
evidence that Iranian weapons and bomb components are being used
against U.S. forces in Iraq.


"It is an established fact now that Iranian bombs and Iranian know-how are killing Americans in Iraq. You have American blood on your hands. Why?" Pelley asked.


this is what the American officials are saying. Again, American
officials wherever around the world that they encounter a problem which
they fail to resolve, instead of accepting that, they prefer to accuse
others," the president replied. "I'm very sorry that because of the
wrong decisions taken by American officials, Iraqi people are being
killed and also American soldiers. It's very regrettable."


American Army has captured Iranian missiles in Iraq. The critical
elements of the explosively formed penetrator bombs that are killing so
many people are coming from Iran. There's no doubt about that anymore.
The denials are no longer credible, sir," Pelley pointed out.


good. If I may. Are you an American politician? Am I to look at you as
an American politician or a reporter? This is what the American
officials are claiming," Ahmadinejad replied. "If they accuse us 1,000
times, the truth will not change."


you saying that it is not the policy of this government to send weapons
into Iraq? Sir, forgive me, you're smiling, but this is a very serious
matter to America," Pelley said.


it's serious for us as well. I daresay it's serious for everyone,"
Ahmadinejad told Pelley. "It seems to me it's laughable for someone to
turn a blind eye to the truth and accuse others. It doesn't help. And
the reason that I'm smiling, again, it's because that the picture is so
clear. But American officials refuse to see it."


if he could very simply and directly say that Iran is not sending
weapons to Iraq, Ahmadinejad said, "We don't need to do that. We are
very much opposed to war and insecurity…"


"Is that a 'No,' sir?" Pelley asked.


"…by Iraq. It's very clear the situation. The insecurity in Iraq is detrimental to our interests," Ahmadinejad said.


Ahmadinejad is 50, with a wife and three grown kids. He's the son of a
blacksmith, said to be very religious and incorruptible. He was elected
two years ago largely by rural and poor voters. Back in the 1980's,
during Iraq's ruinous invasion of Iran, he was reportedly an elite Army
intelligence officer in the war with Saddam Hussein.


President, you must have rejoiced more than anyone when Saddam Hussein
fell. You owe President Bush. This is one of the best things that's
ever happened to your country," Pelley said.


the dictator was toppled, many people were happy," Ahmadinejad agreed.
"But the American government did not appropriately use this golden
opportunity. They should have left the Iraqi people to go their own way
and to determine their own fate."


the issue that threatens war between Iran and the U.S. is Iran's
determination to keep enriching uranium, even though the United Nations
Security Council demands that it stop. Ahmadinejad claims Iran only
wants nuclear energy but the Bush administration says he's pursuing a
bomb. The International Atomic Energy Agency -- the IAEA -- is trying
to resolve the dispute.


the past, Ahmadinejad has said Iran has 3,000 centrifuges in a line
producing highly-enriched uranium. Does Iran have more now?


Our plan and program is very transparent. We are under the supervision
of the Agency. Everything is on the table," Ahmadinejad said. "We have
nothing to hide."


been hidden for more than 15 years. You've been operating a secret
nuclear program. It's nothing-if it's not secret," Pelley remarked.


"Who is saying that?" the president asked.


the IAEA. You've, in fact, agreed with the IAEA to confess what you've
done in secret over the past years. It is not transparent, sir," Pelley
pointed out.


Agency is supposed to supervise and ask questions and we respond,"
Ahmadinejad said. "And our activities are very peaceful."


the sake of clarity, because there is so much concern in the world
about this next question, please give me the most direct answer you
can. Is it your goal to build a nuclear bomb?" Pelley asked.


"What are you driving at?" the president replied.


"Simply that, sir. Is it the goal of your government, the goal of this nation to build a nuclear weapon?" Pelley asked.


do you think that the nuclear technology is only limited in a bomb? You
can only build a bomb with that?" Ahmadinejad said.


"I appreciate the differences, sir," Pelley said. "But the question is limited to the bomb."


you have to appreciate we don't need a nuclear bomb. We don't need
that. What needs do we have for a bomb?" the president replied.


"May I take that as a 'No,' sir?" Pelley asked.


is a firm 'No.' I’m going to be much firmer now, in political relations
right now, the nuclear bomb is of no use; if it was useful it would
have prevented the downfall of the Soviet Union; if it was useful it
would resolved the problem the Americans have in Iraq," Ahmadinejad
said. "The time of the bomb is passed."


the moment, our two countries may very well be walking down the road to
war. How do you convince President Bush, how do you convince other
nations in the West…," Pelley said.


"What two parties are walking towards war?" the president asked.


"Iran, the United States, Western countries," Pelley said.


it's wrong to think that Iran and the U.S. are walking towards war. Who
says so? Why should we go to war?" Ahmadinejad asked. "There is no war
in the offing. Again, this is psychological warfare if you have
difference of opinion you can use logic to resolve your differences."


Asked what trait he admires in President Bush, Ahmadinejad paused.


"What do you admire about him? Is there anything, any trait?" Pelley asked.


"As an American citizen tell me what trait do you admire?" the president asked Pelley.


"Well Mr. Bush is without question a very religious man for example, as you are," Pelley replied.


religion, please tell me, tells you as a follower of that religion to
occupy another country and kill its people, please tell me, does
Christianity tell its followers to do that?" Ahmadinejad asked.


"I take it you can’t think of anything you like about President Bush," Pelley remarked.


I'm not familiar with the gentleman’s private life. Maybe in his
private life he is very kind or determined man," the president said.


asked President Bush what he would say to you if he were sitting in
this chair. And he told me-quote-speaking to you, that you’ve made
terrible choices for your people. You’ve isolated your nation you’ve
taken a nation of proud and honorable people and made your country the
pariah of the world. These are President Bush’s words to you," Pelley
said. "What’s your reply?"


President Bush is free to think as the pleases and to say what he
pleases," Ahmadinejad said. "I don’t think that President Bush has said
these things. Rather I prefer to think that this is your impression of
what the president said."


"I’m quoting the president directly, for the record," Pelley remarked.


"This is a direct quote, so well, this tells me that there is a great divide between us," Ahmadinejad said.


Bush has pledged that you will not be allowed to possess a nuclear
weapon and will use military force if necessary," Pelley said.


think Mr. Bush, if he wants his party to win the next election, there
are cheaper ways to go about this. I can very well give him a few ideas
so that the people vote for him. He should respect the American people.
They should not bug the telephone conversations of their citizens," the
president said. "They should not kill the sons and daughters of the
American nation. They should not squander the taxpayers' money and give
them to weapons companies. And also help the people, the victims of
Katrina. People will vote for them if they do these things. What I'm
saying, I am being very sincere here. I'm a Muslim. I cannot tell a


when I ask you a question as direct as 'Will you pledge not to test a
nuclear weapon?' you act, you dance all around the question. You never
say 'Yes.' You never say 'No,'" Pelley points out.


"Well, thank you for that. You are like a CIA investigator. And you are…," Ahmadinejad replied.


"I am just a reporter. I am a simple average American reporter," Pelley said.


is not Guantanamo Bay. This is not a Baghdad prison. Please, this is
not a secret prison in Europe. This is not Abu Ghraib," Ahmadinejad
said. "This is Iran. I'm the president of this country!"





Now you're in the public comment zone.
What follows is not CBS News stuff; it comes from other people and we
don't vouch for it.

I have long been a fan of 60 Minutes, but I
too miss Ed Bradley. Scott Pelley''s interview with Ahmadinejad was an
embarrassment. He owes apologies all around. While many of us may not
agree with the Iranian president, and even be appalled by his rhetoric,
he certainly came across as the more gentlemanly of the two men on
screen. Pelley''s interview exemplifies the attitudes that make the US
so unbeloved in other parts of the world (not to mention here at home
in recent times). The sheer arrogance.....he might as well have been
speaking from the steps of the White House as a Bush lackey.


upon a time we were friends with Iran, way back in the pre-Eisenhower
years. But unlike Truman, Ike "caved" to the British and overthrew the
fledgling Iran democracy and installed the "Shah" as dictator. The
Iranians hated the Shah, just as Americans would hate to be under a


most "American sheep" don''t know about history is that the ''new
Iranian democracy'' was going to nationalize the oil industry in Iran;
they had the right to do that. After all it was their oil. However it
would have ruined the British economy, and the Brits prevailed upon,
first Truman, then Ike, to do something about it.


Ike implemented ''Operation Ajax'' and the middle east has never been the same.


Research ''Operation Ajax'' and learn why they hate us.


selling WMD to Saddam didn''t help our relations with Iran, either. And
Bush''s pre-emptive strike against a non-threatening country set the
course of events for years to come.


Posted by down-ndirty at 12:41 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Pelley''s interviewing style was an embarrassingly clumsy and
transparent exercise in war propaganda. The "have you stopped beating
your wife" tenor of his questioning was clearly intended to provoke an
enraged response from Ahmadinejad, which would then be exploited for
further demonization of Iran. Amazingly, Ahmadinejad kept his composure
and didn''t take the bait.


Posted by WeedHarper at 12:38 PM : Sep 24, 2007


agree with most of the comments posted. This got to be the worst
interview I''ve seen in my 20 years of watching 60 minutes. Mr. Pelley
did seemed like he was trying to impress the administration or an
interview for Fox news.


could have asked the same questions to President Bush. Our President
has the blood of Americans, Afgans and Iraquies. He imprisoned citizens
without trial, his administration was responsible for the torture. Bush
allowed "the Osaba Bin Laden" of Latin America, Luis Posada Carriles,
go free. Our government spies on citizens, violates United Nations
resolution, International treaties along with Israel. So who are we to
point finger?


Posted by planas2007 at 12:35 PM : Sep 24, 2007


was one of the worst interviews I have ever seen. All the questions
were loaded, and they were also repeats of tired and misguided
misinformation that the Bush admin and Republicans JUST LOVE TO
PROLIFERATE though our media. Good job CBS, you should work for the
white house. Does anybody care about history anymore? Why weren''t
important questions asked? The interviewer seemed just plain ignorant,
but then again THATS AMERICA.


Posted by getcentered at 12:35 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Dear Scott.


showed your true colors and disappointed me yesterday. This is the
second recent interview with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and you and
60 Minutes deliberately treated him with disdain and lack of respect
for a head of state. I look up to you to go abroad and show to the
world we are not bad people. Instead, you did exactly the opposite. I
was in awe, when between you and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he was
the one who took the high road. You looked and sounded like a young
journalist desperately trying to move from tabloids to the 4pm news.


I wish Iran would not, yes, they are entitled to build and deploy the
nuclear bomb like we did in Japan. Iran did not start the trend; we
did. And yes, it would bridge the relation between our nations to
invite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Ground Zero. How many US
Presidents have visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Iranian weapons killing
US troops? Perhaps the only reason we find few US-made weapons in the
hands of the Iraqi insurgents is because we outsourced their production
to China.


Scott, you really disappointed me.


Yours truly,


Marcus V. da Cunha

Chicago, IL


Posted by vmarchart at 12:35 PM : Sep 24, 2007



From the posts on this website - the liberals have been wise to Bush/Cheney for some time !


What is your excuse ??


Posted by IOWEIGN at 12:32 PM : Sep 24, 2007


University needed the media coverage of Mad-Moud''s visit to raise
profits... c''mon. Who cares about the Minutemen Project... they
aren''t that high of profile.


Who are they kidding?


madisongirl --- FYI,, Ahmadinejad isn''t in charge of either Iran or thier military.. So it doesn''t matter much what he says.


Since you are bringing up Hitler comparisons -

You can''t ignore that Bush/Cheney took us to war on a presumed threat
we hung pepole for in Nuremburg & has run the war & his
propaganda with the same agenda & policies of Adolf Hitler, Joseph
Goebbels & Dr. Joseph Mengele


Posted by j-whitman at 12:32 PM : Sep 24, 2007


interview last night with President Ahmadinejad left me wincing in
shame as your reporter exhibited the vile negative American stereotypes
that lead people around the world to hate this country. If Mr.
Pelley''s intent was to portray Mr. Ahmadinejad in a sympathetic light
and confirm that America is a nation of rude, belligerent, war
mongering *** then he succeeded brilliantly.


Posted by jburns71 at 12:30 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Ron Paul has it all.


He has never voted:

* to raise taxes

* for an unbalanced budget

* to raise congressional pay

* for a federal restriction on gun ownership

* to increase the power of the executive branch


He HAS voted:

* against the Iraq war

* against the inappropriately named USA PATRIOT act

* against regulating the internet

* against the Military Commissions Act


He will eliminate the IRS, Wasteful Government Spending & Stop The Iraq War Immediately!


Most importantly, he vote NO on anything in Congress that is not allowed by the Constitution.


ALL members of Congress uphold the Constitution? Aren''t they SWORN to
uphold it? You can bet Paul won''t call the Constitution "just a
G**D***ed piece of paper" like George Bush is reported to have.


you want a candidate you can TRUST due to a proven track record, visit and get busy spreading the word. The Mainstream Media
is a lagging indicator!!


Ron Paul Revolution:



Get Active join a group today!


Posted by ScarletPhD at 12:27 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Pelley''s interviewing style was an embarrassingly clumsy and
transparent exercise in war propaganda. The "have you stopped beating
your wife" tenor of his questioning was clearly intended to provoke an
enraged response from Ahmadinejad, which would then be exploited for
further demonization of Iran. Amazingly, Ahmadinejad kept his composure
and didn''t take the bait.


Posted by WeedHarper at 12:23 PM : Sep 24, 2007


a long-time 60 Minutes viewer, I was struck by Scott Pelle's
disrespectful attitude toward a head of state. By sounding faintly
insulting, he created sympathy for a man who is possibly deranged but
nevertheless Iran''s president. Especially annoying was Pelle''s
assertion that the president was smiling as he delivered some of his
critical remarks; the facial expressions of our own head of state are
frequently at odds with the content of his remarks,and I have yet to
hear anyone at CBS remark on it.


Posted by Yourstruly6 at 12:22 PM : Sep 24, 2007


a reporter asked ME what I admire most about our current "President", I
would be utterly SPEECHLESS! What has Baby Bush done to warrant
anything but shock, horror and disgust? I mean really, has he done
ANYTHING to make this a better world? ANYTHING AT ALL?


Posted by CitizenUSA at 12:19 PM : Sep 24, 2007


"I think, if Bush wants his party to win the next election, there are ways to go about this.....


should respect the American people. They should not bug the telephone
conversations of their citizens. They should not kill the sons and
daughters of the American nation. They should not squander the
taxpayers'' money and give them to weapons companies. And also help the
people, the victims of Katrina. People will vote for them if they do
these things.......


I''m saying is that President Bush''s conduct in Iraq is wrong. And his
wrong conduct is behind his party losing the previous elections. This
is very clear. The American people are very much dismayed with the
behavior and the conduct of the present administration....."


Game, Set, Match: Ahmadinejad


Posted by Tennessean3 at 12:19 PM : Sep 24, 2007


American soldiers in Iraq aren''''t defending my liberty or freedoms -
they''''re being tasked to uphold the Iraqi Constitution.

This is the kind of SELFISH LIBERAL ideology that proves how dumb and ignorant you HIPPIES really are-enough said.

Posted by tankersmash at 10:48 AM : Sep 24, 2007


How is it selfish? I don''''t want American soldiers dying for someone else''''s cause. What is selfish about that?


your stup1d liberal mind knew anything about the regs on deployment
you''d know that this is voluntarily waiverable by ACTIVE DUTY
personal...which I did to serve a 2nd tour."


when are military deployments waiverable? They sure weren''''t when I
was in. Also, if you''''re so INCREDIBLY BRAVE, as you''''re trying to
make yourself out to be, why would you voluntarily ask for a 10 month
combat deferment (even though no such deferment exists)?


You''re obviously a liar.


Posted by hungry1968 at 11:05 AM : Sep 24, 2007


He also claims to be an officer !


If he is, it explains Petraeus''s behaviour.


Posted by IOWEIGN at 12:18 PM : Sep 24, 2007


CBS Headline: Ahmadinejad: Iran Not Walking Toward War


Posted by madisongirl at 12:18 PM : Sep 24, 2007


do not enjoy watching Scott Pelley interview, never have. I do not
understand why CBS keeps giving him the most important interviews. He
badgers all of the people he interviews. This could have been a
exceptional interview against this smug terrorist, but it was reduced
to name calling by our boob of a president. Congrats.


How I miss Ed Bradley.


Posted by worldgonemad at 12:17 PM : Sep 24, 2007


agree. The interviewer was a poor representative of the American people
and a great tool for “Dubya”. He was abrasive and accusatory. Bush
wants to start a war with Iran so badly, he can taste it, but
Ahmadinejad isn''t giving him any reason! Oh My, what''s Baby Bush
going to do now?? I tell you what he''s going to do: Despite the fact
that Iran is cooperating and doing everything "above board", Baby Bush
will get some of his people to "accuse" Iran of having "the bomb" over
and over again until he has authority to invade. UNLESS HIS PLAN IS
bully need to be impeached out of office before he does more
irreparable damage!!!!


Posted by CitizenUSA at 12:13 PM : Sep 24, 2007


watching 60 Minutes interviews for over 40 years, I have to say that
Scott Pelley''s interview of Iran''s President Ahmadinejad last night
was one of the worst ever. I dispise Ahmadinejad, but a newsman is
supposed to get news from his subject, not brow-beat him. Pelly acted
like he is auditioning for Snow''s former job as Bush Administration
spokesman. Iran might just be trying to protect itself from a bloody
neighbor rather than concentrating on the fate of the American
occupying troops there. Pelley''s insistance on an imminent Iranian war
with the US was shrill, unwarranted and unprofessional.

contrast, Steve Croft''s piece on Kasporov was open-minded and
revealing. I learned something about the subject, not just the biases
of the reporter. Maybe Croft can teach Pelley how to be a reporter.


certainly hope last night''s broadcast is not evidence that Dan Rather
is right about CBS caving in to the Bush administration.


Posted by sctopik at 12:12 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Villifying the interviewer does not retract these statements by Ahmajaden.


of its stated objectives is, quite explicitly, to destroy us. At a
large “World Without Zionism” conference recently in Tehran President
Ahmadinejad stated that “a world without Zionism and America . . . .
surely can be achieved.” President Ahmadinejad’s expressed view is that
it is his mission to help bring about, by mass killings, conditions for
the return of the Mahdi and thereafter the end of the world. The chief
of strategy for Ahmadinejad, Hassan Abbassi, has said: “We have a
strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization . . .
we must make use of everything we have at hand to strike at this front
by means of our suicide operations or means of our missiles. There are
29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and the West. We have already spied on
these sites and we know how we are going to attack them. . . . Once we
have defeated the Anglo-Saxons the rest will run for cover.”


Posted by radiob at 12:11 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Posted by joebhed at 12:05 PM : Sep 24, 2007


That is the media in general for you not just CBS. LIES, LIES, A 1000 MORE LIES!!!


Posted by Biker-N-OH at 12:09 PM : Sep 24, 2007


found Scott Pelley''s interview with Ahmadinejad amateurish and
inflammatory. It represented one of the leading downfalls of the
present administration in this country: the lack of world diplomacy. I
believe Ahmadinejad to be devious and dangerous but come on...What do
you admire in President Bush? I live here and love my country but I''d
be hard pressed to answer that question! Pelley''s goal seemed to be to
provoke rather than to gather information. It''s one of the few times
I''ve been truly disappointed in 60 Minutes.


Posted by beach999 at 12:07 PM : Sep 24, 2007


Let me be clear.

Mr Pelley deserves a zero.

He started out by saying that the IAEA has said Iran has 3,000 centrifugres producing HIGH-enriched uranium....

Unfortunately, the translator let that go, sticking with the number and ignoring the class of enrichment.

Iran is producing ONLY LOW-enriched uranium under IAEA supervision as is allowed under the NPT.

Tomorrow''s headline: Iran admits producing massive quantities of high-enriched uranium...."

Does not any editor or journalist at CBS have any idea what is going on here?

Get a life, Mr. Pelley.

get a life, CBS.

Do your friggin homework and stop spreading lies.


Posted by joebhed at 12:05 PM : Sep 24, 2007


atrocious interview by Scott Pelley is still be billed by CBS as some
kind of in-depth probe of the Iranian president. Pelley was very
unpleasant and bellicose, and contrast Ahmadinejad was
cool, controlled and pleasant...he certainly came off as a wily fox,
intelligent and due a modicum of respect which Pelley did not extend.
Why didn''t this reporter field his own questions rather than mouth
right-wing assumptions which have yet to be proved? It is perhaps time
to remind CBS how Bush insisted there were WMD''s in Iraq? Who''s to
say he isn''t doing the same thing again. This was not an in-depth was a propaganda ploy by the Bush Administration using
Pelley as their stooge. How dare CBS try to stir up a war with Iraq by
becoming a mouthpiece for Bush. This is a right-wing push to paint a
picture of an Iranian threat to the Middle East in order to start a war
with them. Here we go again with the media enabling Bush to thrust us
into another war. I am ashamed of CBS for this outrageous interview!!!



Posted by zanny1966 at 12:03 PM : Sep 24, 2007


I can say is that America is getting even more disgraceful by not being
able to prove what it claims. The interview with Mr ahmadinejad could
not have been worse. Why America is belittling itself more and more in
the eyes of Iranian nation? I wonder how more US administration could
stir hatred in the world by accusing other countries including Iran of
what can actually be true of itself. The US was in on the terrorist
attacks on the trade centre buildings which killed so many innocent
people and all the same ,it is pointing the finger on countries like
Iran for the terror acts all over the world. What we are doing is
literally digging our own grave by our own hands. America!! open your


Posted by zanny1966 at 12:03 PM : Sep 24, 2007


had 10 months at home after the first tour and a year now after the
second...don''''''''''''''''t see me whining. I''''''''''''''''m not
surprise that the people YOU call friends are against the war. ***,
they hear BOZO HIPPY BS all day long from people like you....lies
become truth to the weak minded after so long...."

Posted by tankersmash at 10:16 AM : Sep 24, 2007


bet you can''''t wait to go back, right?? Get drunk, rape a few 14 year
old girls, kill ''''em, set their bodys on fire, right??? Some
ffucckkiinn hero, azz hole. What a brainwashed punk.


Hillary 2008!!!


Posted by usmcvn at 12:00 PM : Sep 24, 2007



of so-called “established facts”—remember Colin Powell’s infamous UN
speech was ALSO full of this—Scott Pelly’s slanted shill for Bushco’s
next corporate war reached it’s most disgusting when he told the
Iranian president he admires Bush as a “very religious man”. Assuming
it were journalism to say so, Scott, Why do you think he is religious,
because he says so? It’s a sham. Jesus said, "Watch out for false
prophets. They come to you in sheep''s clothing, but inwardly they are
ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them."—Matthew


which president’s watch have tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi’s
died, countless others tortured, and a now apparently open-ended number
of US sons and daughters being committed to die in a crass grab for oil
and US corporate global positioning speciously branded “Operation Iraqi
Freedom”? Go back just a few years and see then-Governor Bush, cruelly
mocking death-row-inmate turned born-again-Christian Karla Faye Tucker
as she pled for clemency. This is no choirboy; this is a monster.


Posted by JohnnyHoppe at 11:44 AM : Sep 24, 2007


should let him speak so he can feel what is a democracy." Never thought
I would agree with BaghdadsHere but he nailed this one.


can''t show the superiority of your ideas unless you let people who
disagree with you speak. You can''t show the advantages of freedom by
quashing free speech. Let freedom reign, even if the people exercising
it sometimes sicken you.


Hey Pelley,

Cheney write those questions for you? Honestly, what the hell is wrong
with the lapdog press in this country? I can tell you something...The
American people also do not admire anything about George W. Bush. He is
a disgrace to this great country and a stain on our collective legacy.


Posted by deanjtaylor at 11:41 AM : Sep 24, 2007


If one were to assign a 0 to 10 score to the Scott Pelly/Ahmadinejad interview, it would be Pelly -1, Ahmadinejad 9.


was embarrassed by Pelley''s performance. Pelley came across as
arrogant, hostile, unpleasant, confrontational, insulting and as agent
for Bush''s propaganda machine.


Can you imagine Pelley interviewing President Bush in the same insulting manner?


60 Minutes can do better--I hope.


Posted by denny_