Green Policy Conference 2005

A Gathering to Learn, Share, Grow, and Collaborate

Hosted by Green Officeholders

Supported by the Green Institute, Liberty Tree Foundation and the Havens Center

This is your invitation from the green and progressive officeholders
of Madison and Dane County, Wisconsin to attend a crucial conference
for policymakers on the weekend of June 24-26, 2005. We will meet to
discuss our activities as officeholders, share and learn from our
successes and failures, and discuss possible coordination of our
efforts across the country for even greater impact.

I hope that you can come to Madison for our gathering. We
green and progressive officeholders need to work together and share
our experiences. I know this important meeting will really improve
our collective effectiveness and impact. - Brenda Konkel, City Council President, Madison, Wisconsin.

Where: Madison, Wisconsin (Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison campus)

When: June 24-26

Cost: Thanks to our generous supporters, there is no registration cost
to attendees

Who: This
event is only open to officeholders. Officeholders may request that
their staff be included. Certain speakers and representatives may also
be invited.

Purpose: To encourage communication, sharing, and possibly
coordination between green and progressive officeholders. Any
follow-up work, organization, or collective effort after this
conference is the prerogative of attendees.

Housing: For lodging, we recommend the Campus Inn or the Madison Hostel, depending on your traveling preferences. Both are within easy walking distance of the conference site.

If you are interested in a home-stay, please contact Juscha Robinson at or 608-239-4296.

Scholarships: The sponsors are offering scholarships to a limited
number of officeholders to assist them with the expense for their
travel and in some cases, for hotel rooms. The Green Institute and Liberty Tree Foundation will
not pay 100% of these costs. The purpose of the scholarships is to
support diversity in race, gender, sexual orientation, age, office
type, and geography to the greatest degree possible. Officeholders
interested in seeking assistance to attend should fill out the form at and email it to or mail it to
627 Mendota Ct. #3, Madison, WI 53703.

This event is being co-hosted by the Green Institute and Liberty Tree
Foundation for the Democratic Revolution, nonprofit organizations
recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal Tax Code. Both
organizations are legally prohibited from expending funds to support
or oppose particular candidates for electoral office. The Havens
Center is part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as such,
does not support partisan political activities."

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