Top Chinese General Warns US Over Attack


North Korea Links Nukes to U.S. Threat


China-Iran-India sign historic energy deals


Iran Will Pursue Nuclear Program, New President Says


Nuclear Arms Conference Collapses Without a Deal


(Reuters) - After a month of bickering, the 188 signatories to the
global pact against atomic weapons ended their conference on Friday
with no agreement on new steps to combat the danger of a nuclear
holocaust and many blamed the United States and Iran.

review of the nuclear 1970 Non-Proliferation Treaty was characterized
by divisive debates over North Korea, Iran's nuclear enrichment
ambitions, Israel's presumed atomic arsenal and U.S. plans for new and
improved atomic weapons.

Blix Blames U.S. for Nuke-weapons Stalemate: Ex-U.N. Inspector Cites Double Standards on Nonproliferation Treaty


US Renews Demand on Iran’s Nuclear Effort


A Tough Road in Curbing Spread of Nuclear Arms


WASHINGTON - First comes the shouting and then, supposedly, the negotiating.

representatives of 189 nations gather in New York to try to stop the
spread of nuclear weapons, the world's nuclear haves and have nots are
ratcheting up threats accompanying a month-long review of the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Hiroshima Mayor Calls on All Countries "Including U.S." to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


A large
anti-nuclear rally in New York calls for global nuclear disarmament
ahead of a United Nations meeting to review the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty. Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman speaks with the
mayor of Hiroshima, Tadatoshi Akiba, where 60 years ago the U.S.
dropped one of two atomic bombs.


Billions Wasted on N-Arms


WHEN I served as
an assistant secretary of defense for President Ronald Reagan, the
logic of focusing Pentagon resources on nuclear weapons made sense. The
priority of the Cold War was avoiding nuclear war through nuclear

wanted to leave absolutely no doubt in the minds of the Soviets that if
they tried to destroy us with nuclear bombs, we would destroy them.
Thus, peace prevailed.

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