Greetings from the Green Institute

We are a national policy institute based on the values of the global Green political movement. For the past five years, we have commissioned papers and articles, hosted speaker's panels and musical presentations, as well as a group of sessions at the US Social Forum in 2007. Many of these events were available on CD or DVD.

With difficult economic times, the nonprofit world is struggling financially all across the country, and the Green Institute is not immune to these challenges. With this in mind, the Board of Directors decided to convert the Green Institute to a non-staffed organization, so that all of the funds that we raise can be dedicated to our programs.

The Green Institute still hopes to occasionally commission writing, host events, and pay for some research for our GreenPRO project, but these will depend on the success of our fundraising efforts.

With the changes in how the Green Institute operates, we are looking at our overall mission to decide what it should be in this new mode. We are asking that you fill in the survey below and let us know what you think the Green Institute's focus should be in 2009 and beyond. What have we done that you found the most helpful or useful? Do you think that any of our projects were of less value?

Green Institute Survey

Part I - Evaluating Past Activities of the Green Institute

Among our past activities have been the writings of our fellows, our GreenPRO policy database, speaking events and panels, support of progressive Hip Hop, building relationships with Greens Globally, and events at the US Social Forum in 2007 (see sidebar for links if you want to look up reports on these activities).

1. Which of these activities do you think were the best accomplishments of the Green Institute (check as many boxes as desired)?

2. Which of these activities do you think were not effective or worthwhile?

Part II - Suggestions for the Future

3. Which of the above activities, if any, do you think that the Green Institute should prioritize in the future?
5. Are there activities that you think we should take on that are not listed here? (Please remember that as a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization, we cannot be involved in partisan political activity)